1. Features of Customer-Portal

  2. Your customers can check their activity status, enter orders, and peruse products through the ease of an on-line Web catalog. This functionality dramatically increases customer satisfaction while decreasing your sales and service administrative costs.

    • Allow customers to look up order, shipment and account status
    • Customize the catalog and pricing for each customer using a simple matrix
  3. With Customer Portal, customers can log on to your secured Web site and browse a catalog of your products. You can also choose to have the catalog automatically customized for each customer to only include items you have specified, with the price matrixing approved for that particular customer. Customers can easily enter orders from the Web, which are sent directly into your ERP system and treated as a normal sales order. Automatic e-mail confirmations are sent to the customer when the order is received and when the order has shipped.

  4. Your customers can also look up the status of their orders, shipment activity for all orders or a specific order, their current aging, and other reports—all over the Internet.