1. Features of Planning

  2. Inputs like materials, men and machines are efficiently used Factors of production are integrated to use them economically Division of work is undertaken carefully so that every available element is properly utilised Work is regulated from the first stage of procuring raw materials to the stage of finished goods Questions like what, when and how to be manufactured are decided

  3. Determining sequence of operations for continuous production Planning plant capacity for future production programmes Issuing co-ordinated work schedules to concerned persons Maintaining sufficient inventories to support continuous flow of production Evaluating performance of workshops Maintaining production schedules to ensure delivery at proper time

  4. Preparation of production budget Devising manufacturing methods and sequence of operations Deciding type of machines and equipments Preparation of operation sheets and instruction cards Estimating men, machine and material requirements Undertaking time and motion studies Preparing master schedules

  5. Production planning and control is important for the following reasons - For Increasing Production – Main purpose of production planning is to arrange inputs. Production control programme minimises idleness of men and machines. It thus helps in raising industrial output. For co-ordinating plant activity -In planning production is carried out in a number of processes and thus activities are synchronized for smooth working.

  6. Sub-dividing the master schedule into manufacturing and subsidiary orders Routing Scheduling Despatching Expediting Tool keeping

  7. For Cost Control – A properly planned system of production will help in controlling costs by not only making full utilisation of various inputs but also by increasing output and lowering overhead expenses per unit. For Rationalisation of Production Activities – In production planning, the process of entering of raw materials and converting them into finished goods is planned in such a way that everything is done in sequence or routine. It regulates flow of inputs to run production system smoothly