1. Features of Enquiry

  2. Keep records of all the historical enquires

  3. User Friendly so less training.

  4. How many Enquiry from which sales region in a time span

  5. Mode of enquiry i.e. Email, phone, direct or indirect through, keep all these details.

  6. Track how many Enquiries converted into orders, not become order, dead, canceled etc.

  7. What are the cause for enquires not converted into orders ?

  8. Total enquiry follow-up i.e. what customer said, what enquiry team said and when

  9. Complete Transparency

  10. Different type of automatic reports like Total Enquiry, Sales region wise enquiry, Mode of enquiry etc.

  11. Custom report on Demand available

  12. Keep list of all the customer and able to add new one

  13. Keep list of all architect and able to add new one.

  14. Complete follow up history which give you transparency to find out what exactly happened with enquires

  15. Customer register

  16. Architect register

  17. Contractor register